A higher voltage on the base pins may also help ensure the transistors are fully switched. The resistor will prevent the transistor from blowing and the capacitor will block DC. Here are a few tips that may help you in the process. You will need to place a resistor about 2k — 3k between this pin and ground to make sure the pin goes low correctly during each cycle. A true SSTC is not a simple thing to make. I you can store less in your capacitor, then you can use more tuns instead to store it in the magnetic field. The expansion of the gas will be related to its temperature.

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They will probably rated for about V unless you find some special high voltage types. A schottky diode would be better if it had sufficient power ratings as these respond quicker.

To participate you need to register. Can you help me with some sort of feedback prevention circuit as well 23055 help with the soft start caps… thank-you this site rocks!!!

Coi, seem to still be having problems with my ignition coils as well but this could be because of my problems on the power transistors. Please use the translator I mentioned to you before.

A single high voltage diode between the coil output and the MMC would do it. For a saltwater cap the water needs to be saturated with salt no more will dissolve. I used 3 beer bottle capacitors, giving me a capacitance of about 2. You will need a string of resistors. It is possible that your PSU is limiting the current too much. Somtimes people place ignition coils in a container filled with oil.


DIY Ignition Coil Driver

I expect that if you were to arc from this output to a small piece of tin, it would begin to melt the tin. Since there is no capacitive discharge involved, the arcs produced are thin and blue.

I will uses a 10K variable resistor to adjust it until the neon light stops lighting. If you want to snub out the spikes at the source then yes, but this can effect performance. Read all the pages in the learn electronics section.

Is it possible for the NE timing chip to act as the signal generator on its own? If you want to post a video.

Ignition coil spark generator problem | Electronics Forums

You can vary the fall time, or the pulse width of the drive signal to change the output voltage. The spark will jump further between wire tips because of the higher concentration of electic field. Would a sine-wave oscillator instead of a square-wave give better efficiency for driving an ignition coil?

Different coil types will not work so well together.

You could try oil immersion, but like you say, it can be messy. And I am wondering if an ignition coil high voltage power supply would be able to deliver enough high voltage and current to voil about 3 ounces of CO2 gas to a pressure of psi. These capacitors can be more efficient than an MMC, but they can be expensive and hard to find.


I am interested 2m3055 how a Wasted Spark Ignition System functions. This is what you have in a typical ignition coil driver to make your arc. You could also use snubbers. The inductor allows DC to flow through easily but prevents the high frequency of the TC getting back to your flyback. It does also represent quite well the ignition coil driver, but without the signal generator.

If the resonant frequency of the primary and coi, circuits do not match, then you will not be able to transfer the energy properly. The simplest way to get DC is to connect a high voltage diode in series with the output. Similar Threads Ignition coil driver. One of the simplest ways to make a battery powered High Voltage power ignitikn is to use a common car ignition coil.

You should make sure to put it in a new case to prevent accidentally touching it.

I need my sparks to be larger to jump the gap of a spark plug.