I think you need giveup that because that sis 56k modem dose not support windows Xp. Power down the system and place the card inside cabinet. Note that no toler- ance exists on this entry. This is true for both localizers and glide slopes. The dialog is shown below. Divide the measured displacement in inches by the distance to the array in ‘s of feet.

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If remote restore capability is installed, restore the facility from the remote control point or allow the auto-restart circuit to restore the facility.

If the interlock signal moeem deactivated, the ILS will automatically be turned on after a 20 second delay period. The reference data must be measured carefully. If a function is not avail- able because of to low access level, the function will not be possible to activate.

If the Symmetric button is pressed the alarm limit is entered as a value which is symmetric around the nominal value; hence only one alarm limit will have modwm be entered in the symmetric Remote Maintenance and Monitoring If so, the monitor alarm points must be tightened to ensure that for day-to-day monitor drift, the monitor will alarm whenever the radiated signal parameters are at or beyond the established reference values.

When an alarm has lasted for the time configured in the FFM delay value, this measurement will be set to the value Page 1 of 2 1 2 Last Jump to page:. If there is a maintenance warning on both power supply boards AND not on the external power module both power supplies are faulty. The filename extension field is defined in the following table. When all the input numbers in the screen are changed to the preferred new values, the cursor must be moved to the STORE -field in the upper left corner.


Of course, the telephone number to modeem when connecting to this station must be configured in the ILS Station Setup window. Record in Table line f. Be aware that tabbing to a button makes that button the default.

Watch this video to see how it works — click here. This check is made without adjustment to the equip- ment. Note that some menu items will not be accessible because some information types is not stored in the log file. The localizer monitor is used to ensure the integrity of the localizer system by permitting the localizer to operate only if certain system parameters are within the limits established during the reference flight inspection.

Feed carrier, modulated by a continuous Hz tone, into the sideband input to the antenna array. Modrm all phasers and attenuators in the same position as 7031 the replaced unit. In addition, Difference Frequency 2- freq.


The level 3 menu options must be entered by typing a 4 character password. 70013 procedure provides a method to determine the amplitude modulation percentages of the 90 and Hz navigational tones.


The recommended low warning limit is 2. Pressing the Send init button starts modem initiation at the selected port.

Calaméo – Normarc Ils Operating Manual Huog Dan Van Hanh

In this way, the origin of a maintenance warning can easily be deduced. The following sub-chapters cov- ers each of the menu items on this menu.

Switch on Course Tx1.

The rest of this chapter describes an ILS mmodem for interlock. For external channels that are not used, no measurement field will be shown e. The user must enter this menu option to quit the current access level – typically when leaving the ILS.

Figure Analog user parameters definitions The following definitions can be made for the analog user parameters: Check that the equipment carries out a changeover to Tx 1 before shutoff. The in-line procedure is easier to accomplish and offers more repeatable readings. The detected audio con- tains 90 and Hz components with amplitudes proportional to the mdem and Hz modula- tion percentages.