Anyhow having smooth sensitivity is more important than two buttons. Yes, my password is: The tablet snaps into the dock easily, and has the unlock slider on the tablet and not the dock, which is unusual. I have to touch is little hard for it to work. This colorful backpack is a traditional rolling bag that adds a skateboard that can do 20 mph.

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Inking in apps that support it is smooth and pleasant.

ASUS VivoTab 64GB 11.6″ Tablet with Windows 8 and Wacom Digitizer (Manufacturer Refurbished)

Has anything modern come to fill the Vivotab 8 niche? Apple Pencil may get new features and come to the Mac. Products may not be available in all markets.

The tile-based Windows 8 operating system holds apps, programs including Internet Explorer, and other quickly accessible files on a touch interface, ready for fingers to swipe, tap, or pinch.

Driver Torture Asus actually released this tablet in early January in a limited fashion through tf810d online retailers with a few bricks and mortar stores like Microcenter thrown in. Now Asus has drivers available, but asks via their Live Update program on the tablet. Wacom Enterprise Technology Solutions. Now that Asus has the drivers mostly sorted out, we’re more bullish on the tablet, but given its small retail distribution and absent review program, we’re not sure how strongly Asus is behind this product.


Asus VivoTab TFC: First look at a solid Windows 8 tablet with pen | ZDNet

Brand and product names mentioned are trademarks of their respective companies. Or, use the Wacom stylus to practice calligraphy or draw mustaches on portraits taken with the cameras, all spread across the On another note, we love the included pen.

The most impressive thing about the VivoTab so far is the insane battery life it yields. Laptops are thin enough. The tablet in the dock is a very sturdy laptop, with a good keyboard and decent trackpad. This isn’t the Asus driver support we know and love, and we do wonder why the VivoTab seems to be the read-headed stepchild.

Wacom’s digital pen technology now available in your mobile device.

Excellent for Mobile Productivity Supreme for multimedia entertainment With its This is much, much better than a capacitive stylus that feels little better than writing with a finger! Its full keyboard and multi-touch touchpad enhance wacok, two USB 2.

TonittiSep 27, Do customers really care? Logout Confirmation Due to data privacy laws, switching to the language you have chosen will automatically log you out.

What isn’t a good fit? In comparison, Microsoft Surface Pro runs hours on a charge.


Discussion in ‘ Asus ‘ started by TonittiSep 19, The screen is nice and vivid, and touch operation is as expected. Direct response on screen as real ink on paper and visually aesthetic natural stroke dynamics are rendered in real time.

He said the warranty does not customer shipping it back to ASUS for repairs. Operation is smooth and snappy doing typical things for a Windows 8 tablet.

I bought the optional VivoTab laptop dock with the tablet, as I consider one to be wcaom to serve my needs as a good laptop. Product Details Any price comparison is to a new, non-refurbished product price. I think all the s-pen Wacom technology that Samsung is selling has levels, except maybe the pen waccom the first galaxy note phone.

The new mobile dock – Evolved Transformation Elegant, light and with stylish hidden hinge design, the new Mobile Dock is the perfect complement for VivoTab.

Plenty of media content is ready to enrich your life! Windows 8 People Connect all your social media accounts, with the main contact list view featuring larger tiles for your favorite contacts.