Connect 1uF capacitor to GND while triac dimming. The inverting terminal of comparator is tied to an internal mV reference. It can achieve precise output current and excellent line regulation. Few external components are required to achieve wide triac dimming range and good dimming effect without visible flicker. All protection have automatic restart function.

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Current sense CS resistor The CS resistor ground should be as close to the chip ground as possible to reduce the ground noise coupled, which improves the quality of the sensing signal. It is given by: The CS is connected to non-inverting inputs of the current sense comparator. The output current is reduced when the controller is over temperature. All the protection functions are auto-recovery. Superior performance Durable finish standards Robust construction Applications: Get a Best Deal.

BP is a single-stage, high-precision with active power factor correction PSR LED constant current control chip, with dimming control function for the full range of 85VacVac input voltage isolated flyback or buck Non-isolated LED constant current power supply.


The FB sense threshold is 1V. Krishna Led Lighting Semiconductors.

BP3108 LED Driver

Please enter full name. Current path area The area of current path should be as small as possible to reduce EMI radiation, such as the primary current loop from the primary inductor to the MOSFET and the secondary current lef from the secondary inductor to the output rectifier. The electrical characteristics table defines the operation range of the device, the electrical characteristics is assured on DC and AC voltage by test program.

The inverting terminal of comparator is tied to an internal mV reference.

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The BP adopts proprietary primary side current sensing scheme. Our LED driver is designed with set standards with the help of skilled professionals using high-end technology and quality-proven components. It can precisely control the LED current without secondary side sense and feedback circuits. BP uses patented line voltage and load compensation technologies that can achieve excellent line voltage regulation and load regulation.

Save time and let us provide you with verified contacts. Connect 1uF capacitor to GND while bp318 dimming. Integrated Circuits Approx Price: A good trade-off is achieved in the internal driver with suitable strength. The BP utilizes patent pending current control method. The chip goes back to normal operation automatically after the abnormal bl3108 is removed.


The BPMB utilizes patented line and load voltage compensation method to achieve excellent line and load regulation. Please enter your Email ID.

BP3108 Datasheet PDF

Supply Voltage 5 V. Compare Quotations and seal the deal. The operation frequency is given by: It can achieve precise output current and excellent line regulation. After the system is powered on, the Vcc capacitor is charged through the start-up resistor, once the Vcc voltage I P? Once the output of comparator goes high, the GATE output goes low. BP multiple protection features built-in to enhance system reliability, include open LED protection, LED short circuit protection, chip supply over voltage protection, under voltage protection, current sampling resistor open circuit protection and by-cycle current limit and so on.

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