NET exception mechanism to signify a failed operation. I f ther e is a normal-priority oper ation owned by this pr ocess, it will rece ive the. The fingerprint image area is too small. Internal Failed to create or start an acquisition wrongly installed SDK libraries or lack of privileges. A biometric system that uses the distinctive and. Represen tation of P robability.

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The application can display its own. UnknownDevice Failed to access supplied reader supplied reader id is incompatible, missing, or mis-typed. A glossary and an index are also included for your reference. NET Edition for bit operating systems 1.

Steps 3 and 4 can be done bef ore steps 1 and 2. Sets the security level of a comparison context by specifyi ng a target fals e accept rate F AR.

Ta b l e 2 identifies the files that ar e installed on your har d disk. No such secret available for this user. Only one subscriber with this priority is allowed. Additional product-specific files ar e provided for other editions.


Glossary fingerprint recognition system A biometric system that uses the distinctive and persistent characteristics from the ridges of a finger, also referred to as fingerprint features, to distinguish one finger or person from another. V alue Return C ode Description. Attribute Description Unknown A name not associated with digitaopersona Windows account. Digitalpwrsona Fi ng erp r int En ro ll men t dialog box appearsindicating tha t you hav e enrolled your right index.

See al so DigitalPersona finger print recognition system.

Internal Failed to delete secret. T ype Definitions and Constants.

Fingerprint_Reader/SDK/otw-sdk130/Readme.txt Driver File Contents (

Deader and executable file used by the all of the. NotEnoughFeatures The fingerprint sample does not contain enough information. U fingerprint readers to your end users, you are responsible for advising them of the warnings and regulatory information included in the Warnings and Regulatory Information. Internal An unknown internal error occurred.

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Steps 5 through 7 rearer be done in any or der. Using the fingerprint r eaderscan your right middle fingerprint. Va l ue s f o r th e pulEnrolledFingersMask parameter. Notes provide supplemental reminders, tips, or suggestions.


Updates for DigitalPerso na Software Products 4. The dpFtrEx module contains code for per forming featur e ext raction, which is the system functio n that is. T his is even more important in sy stems wher e multiple biometric factors are used for.

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In addition, old terms are crossreferenced to new terms in the glossary. See also digitaalpersona sample. During the cr eation of a fingerprint sample.

If the above-mentioned steps do not allow the eng ine to dispat ch the res ult, the proc ess owning th e low. This component provides for fingerprint authentication and identification, as well as secret management. F ingerprint sample acquisition. Core API Referenc e