However, if you are having difficulty, we offer excellent technical support to get you going. Compare this with C: Non of them detecting this device. Unfortunately it’s hard to tell more without knowing more details on the problem system logs, etc. I would love to hear how you got yours to work.

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Post if it works for you.

However, the driver that I purchased with this package does not work as Windows 8. Hi Renate, I have this same issue. I was looking for a solution during a long time.

My computer crashed twice and the editing files on Arcsoft disappeared. Do you have any update for this? Initially worked and editing was good. PCGomez Replied on September 1, This is the jsb ID: Windows tried to install a driver, and claimed it succeeded. Is the issue specific to this device?


Visser, which one of the links goes to this copy? I have never used the EasyCap to capture audio. I converted the first vhs video to my pc correctly and no more. Try updating the latest USB devices from the manufacturer’s website and check if the issue persists.

OR… if someone has a source to purchase EasyCaps of a version that they know there are drivers that will work, such as the EMPIA, can anyone point me in that direction? I saw the posted driver list on the previous page, but the 2 drivers listed for this DVR are 64bit.

EasyCAP drivers for Windows 8, 8.1 and 10

Right clicking on my device in Device Manager, and selecting Properties, then the Details tab, then click the Properties item at top, and selecting Device instance path, my device shows:. This thread is locked.

This is only required the first time you use the USB drive. I need drivers for Windows 8. What happens when you try to update the drivers manually by pointing it easyca the extracted files? Is it the sofware?


I have the very same problem here!! Any idea which free video editing software would do the job?

Files & Drivers Download

Have you installed dom pending updates and also updated all device drivers from Device Manager? The windows 10 driver is a virus according to panda anti virus. If you decide to try it without reading the manual, the default password that you will be asked for is that’s 4 zeros.

Click open capture device.

Sm Usb 007 Driver Download

It is asking me for my product key. I tried hook up my Vcr straight to Tv and I got perfect Picture. Sm Usb W Is there any known issues with this driver and are there any work around that could be attempted?

Finally my PC got up to speed!