When using a host that can transmit data when the printer is busy: In standard mode, the vertical direction is the paper feed direction, and the horizontal direction is perpendicular to the paper feed direction. Memory area to be stored. The print position within the printable area of the thermal elements for dots to is shifted approximately 0. The connector on the PS side is recommended to be designed to secured to the case from the upper side or the lower side.

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When the LSB of n is 0, upside-down printing mode is turned off. Enabled only when the command is set at the beginning of a line.

The printer executes the command, which does not then affect the following data. However, the paper cannot be fed.

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The print position, therefore, moves to the beginning of the next line. Paper is being fed fuol the FEED button. If a court, arbitrator, government agency, or the like orders you to disclose any confidential information, you must immediately notify Seiko Epson. When both double-height and double-width modes are selected, quadruple-size characters are printed.

Equipped with a connector for the interface. Promotion coupon fyll 4. When the LSB of n is 1, upside-down printing mode is turned on. For these commands, different settings can be stored for each mode. For more information on how Epson treats your personal data, please read epso Privacy Information Statement. If this command three bytes for GS F is executed during a macro definition, the BA-T stops a macro definition and starts the execution process of this command.


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This command is ignored unless the next horizontal tab position has been set. The printer is not connected or the internal wiring is not cutt correctly. Not exactly what you want? The user-defined mode indicates the exclusive mode which can change the value in the user NV memory by this command.

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If this command is input in standard mode, the printer executes only internal flag operation. Use the following commands: The ESC c 5 command enables or disables the panel buttons.

When the user-defined character set is canceled, the built-in character set is automatically selected.

If the counter value set by sc is outside the counter operation range, the counter value is forced to convert to the minimum value by executing GS c. Horizontal Dot Density During self-test printing, you can stop the self-test temporarily by pressing this button and restart it by pressing the button again.

This command switches the settings for the b commands in which the values can be set independently in standard mode and page mode to those for standard mode: When the printer becomes BUSY during processing of this command, its prohibited to transmit data.


During the period from when the power is turned on to when the printer is ready to receive data. In page mode, this command functions as follows, depending on the starting position of the printable area: During processing of this command, the printer is BUSY when writing data to the user NV memory and stops receiving data.

For the screw holes, refer to the Figure below. If a not-supported memory switch h500 is selected out of athis command is ignored. This command performs only definition of an NV bit image and does not perform printing. When a paper sensor is enabled with this command, printing is stopped only when the corresponding paper is selected epaon printing. If an error will occur in writing the data, the printer executes the memory error process. After installing new paper roll, close the platen cover; then the printer restarts printing.