The out- put device assigned to the file on the File Description sheet must be a printer. However, if the table or array is not full, the entry gives the number of items that can be put into it Figure Columns are preprinted on each sheet, so in most cases hne numbering is already done for you. The name field is contained in bytes of the entry. Use column 17 only if sequence checking is to be done columns contain numbers. I would also be happy to accept comments and questions just send me an email to wyattroersma at gmail. Columns specify the line number that is the overflow hne.

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The D entry overrides any entry made in column 1 of the Control Card Specifica- tions line. Random By Key ‘fq. Check for proper sequence of input records To accomplish this the Input Record Identification routine interpretively processes the Input Record Identification Table. For example, the relative record num- bers of the first, fifth, and seventh records in a file are 15, and 7 respectively. Line Counter Scan bytes ‘Writes line counter table on disc ‘Error checki ng e.

See Operation Codes, Lookup in Chapter 1 for more in- formation. This is also stuff from last November. In order for this process to work the VM must either be in a saved state or from a snapshot. Example 2 Figureinsert A shows the order of four different types of records within a file.

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The highest decimal number that can be expressed with 2 binary characters is 32,; thus, 4 bytes of storage are set aside for a two-character binary field. Mwmorex sequential and direct files, relative record numbers must be used to identify the records. If a table or array is to be written or punched, it is auto- matically written or punched at the end of the job after all other records have been written or punched.


RG points to the parameter list that contains the following information Byte Indicator as defined on page 1 11 0.

Full text of “memorex :: 7×00 :: Memorex RPG II System Design Specification Aug71”

If 2 drives are used for multi-volume files the entry in columns can be 3 or 4 Figure shows the maximum number of volumes allowed for each processing method and number of drives mmemorex ONE DRIVE TWO DRIVES Maximum number of volumes allowed Maximum number of volumes on-line Maximum number of volumes allowed Maximum number of volumes on-line Consecutive msmorex removable disks only 80 1 80 2 Sequential or Random Processing removable or fixed disks 2 2 4 4 Figure If entry is stashed, bit 1 of Z3SWT2 is set indicating entry has been made in table.

However, if more than one execution time table or array is assigned to the MFCU, only one of the tables or arrays need be named and described on the File Description sheet. There- tore, you must identify each type by giving each a special code consisting of a combination of characters in certain positions in the record.

Columns Output Indicators External Indicators. All entries must begin in column The record identifying indicator for that record type will be turned on at the time of selection.

Only one line is needed to describe a file. Various Functions Performed on Indexed Files Example Figure shows how records can be added to an indexed disk file.

Hex Editor Analysis

Key Files of Interest: Disk files can be sequential, direct, or indexed files, except when the files are used as demand files. The maximum length of a numeric table item is 15 characters. I have been busy with life crap, school and work.


The filename must begin in column 7.

When the same stacker is indicated for both input and output files, a card from the output file is put in the stacker before a card from the input file. Bjfte pointer to the EBCDIC string number of characters in the string pointer to work area where the condensed characters are to be placed calling routine must initialize this area to zero Outputs: Any name in these columns which does not begin with TAB is considered an array name.

In a typical organization, the main concern in such a situation would be what data was exfiltrated from the environment, not the data that was lost due to not having proper backups.

A few quick shout outs before I sign off into other random project I do. It displays their username, the domain they are connected from, and the create time also reflects when the current console was last accessed. HxD — Hexeditor Version 1. The entries on the chart must meomrex made for the file you are describing.

Because the lengths of the entries must be the same, blanks are added to the remaining names to make each of them nine charac- ters long. As of Server R2, Microsoft is no longer shipping bit versions of their memorex td 2d free driver Server operating systems.